Peak Golf Fitness Mini-Evaluation – Why it’s right for you

Are you tired of practicing, and not seeing improvement?

Are you in pain during or after your round?

Are you looking for more distance?

If you ask yourself any of these questions, let our team of trainers help you with the best kept secret that many of the best amateurs and Tour players utilize to improve their games.

A Peak Golf Fitness Mini Evaluation can be an extremely helpful tool to get golfers started towards a better and more consistent performance.
A Mini Evaluation consists of one visit for a 3D capture on our K-Vest system. This will consist of measuring 10 shots; 5 with a 6 iron, and 5 with a driver. The K-Vest records body positions at all times during your golf swing. With this eval, we measure hips, torso, lead arm, and club, and use our expertise to create your most efficient golf swing.

From those 10 shots a report will be generated to give our professional staff key information on what areas need to be addressed in relation to the areas being measure (hips, torso, lead arm, clubhead).

After analyzing the data, the professional will prescribe biofeedback drills and/or exercises that are essential to the improvement of the client. A Mini Evaluation is great for golfers looking for a solution to what may be hindering their game.

What is captured with our K-Vest system are many areas not able to be seen with the naked eye. Doing this will not only be an eye-opening experience but a giant step forward towards better golf.

  1. K-Coach Evaluation and report from one of our highly trained staff.
  2. K-Coach Biofeedback Program
  3. Blueprint consisting of exercises/drills for rapid improvement
  4. $150 credit towards a training package or membership.

Let us help you REACH YOUR PEAK!

To provide the best golf specific performance training in the Mid-Atlantic by utilizing the best technology, information, instructors, and education available to our staff and clients.


What Our Clients Are Saying

5 stars

I have been working out at PEAK Golf Fitness for the past 3 years. In those 3 years it has been remarkable the difference I have seen as I transitioned out of my off-season training and to back on the course. It’s no accident that I have had my best 3 years of competitive playing since I started training at PEAK.
Scott Shapin. P.G.A.
Jason and the PEAK Golf Fitness team have dramatically changed the way I move in just a short period of time. My golf swing feels more athletic, consistent, and dependable. Plus, I finally understand what was preventing me from making the swing changes I have struggled with for the last few years. I always look forward to my PEAK workouts!
Adam Kmak. Mini Tour Player
Thanks to Jason and the staff at Peak, I have made significant progress in my golf fitness. I have never made so many changes to my swing in such a short time that has made such a significant improvement. The Winter Performance fitness classes and use of the K-Motion combined with their expert guidance in golf movements and patterns was the answer.
Gary R