Peak Golf Fitness Full Evaluation – Why it can transform your game

A full evaluation is Peak Golf Fitness is an evaluation that can be an absolute game changer with how you approach improving golf performance. A full evaluation consists of the initial visit for testing, and then a follow up visit. So your probably asking, what is a full evaluation? Here is what is entails:

  • AMM 3D Assessment
  • Physical fitness evaluation
  • Bio feedback K-Vest program
  • Personalized workout program and walk through of the program
  • Booklet and online access to personalized workout

Initial visit – Testing

AMM 3D Assessment – An AMM 3D assessment is the X factor in the process. We use high speed electromagnetic sensors to track how your body moves throughout the swing. We pay close attention to the hips, torso, lead arm, and club head. By doing this, we can see where you are gaining/losing power, where you may be at risk for injury, movements of your body that are causing certain misses that are plaguing your game, and areas that lack efficiency. Most of the movements that we identify cannot be seen with the naked eye, making this an extremely beneficial tool. Our data is compared to averages measured from hundreds of tour pros from the PGA, European, LPGA, Korn Ferry, Champions, and other mini tours. The data is then sorted through by our Golf Digest Top 50 Fitness Professional Jason Meisch and is compared to the physical evaluation to prescribe the most efficient workout and biofeedback plan that is discussed below.

Physical Fitness Evaluation – After the swing assessment, a full physical evaluation is done to identify any physical limitations and will be compared to the 3D analysis once all the testing is completed. The testing gathers information on mobility, stability, strength, speed, balance, and power.

After the physical evaluation, all the data from the 3D and physical assessment will be sorted through. A workout and biofeedback training program will be prescribed to the individual. Before the workout is complete, client information and preferences such as time of the workout, other obligations, equipment available, and other factors are recognized.

Follow up visit – results and prescription

Biofeedback K-Vest Program – After the data is sorted through and a program is put in place, clients will have a biofeedback program built for that perfect practice we all look for. This will have the clients strap on 2 wireless sensors on our K-Motion system and perform reps of certain motions that are desired. The motions are prescribed from the initial 3D and physical assessment. For example, we notice a client has a lack of shoulder turn in the back swing, and is capable (via the physical assessment) of producing more turn. We will prescribe them the motion of making a back swing with the intended amount of upper body rotation. The sensors can measure the amount of rotation being performed and give feedback to if the desired range of rotation is reached. By doing this, we are no longer just guessing and having the client think they making a bigger turn, but rather putting them in the exact desired position. This technology assures that any desired motions are felt appropriately through the biofeedback system.

Personalized workout program – From all the collection of data, an appropriate workout is assigned addressing the most critical areas found from the initial measuring. A team member will walk through the entire program and answer any questions/concerns the client may have.

Booklet and online access to personalized workout – Each client will be given a booklet of their workout, with prescribed sets and reps for each exercise for them to keep. Also, access to will be given where the workout can be accessed and videos of each exercise can be seen.

A full evaluation is FREE with any purchase of a membership at Peak Golf Fitness. Membership gives you 24/7 access of the facility(workout area, hitting bays, putting green), access to the biofeedback programs on K-Vest, and Foresight GC Hawk simulator use.

Let us help you REACH YOUR PEAK!

To provide the best golf specific performance training in the Mid-Atlantic by utilizing the best technology, information, instructors, and education available to our staff and clients.


What Our Clients Are Saying

5 stars

I have been working out at PEAK Golf Fitness for the past 3 years. In those 3 years it has been remarkable the difference I have seen as I transitioned out of my off-season training and to back on the course. It’s no accident that I have had my best 3 years of competitive playing since I started training at PEAK.
Scott Shapin. P.G.A.
Jason and the PEAK Golf Fitness team have dramatically changed the way I move in just a short period of time. My golf swing feels more athletic, consistent, and dependable. Plus, I finally understand what was preventing me from making the swing changes I have struggled with for the last few years. I always look forward to my PEAK workouts!
Adam Kmak. Mini Tour Player
Thanks to Jason and the staff at Peak, I have made significant progress in my golf fitness. I have never made so many changes to my swing in such a short time that has made such a significant improvement. The Winter Performance fitness classes and use of the K-Motion combined with their expert guidance in golf movements and patterns was the answer.
Gary R