Pre-Season and Post Season: (March-April & Sep-Oct) 28-30 total hours

Pre-Season is designed move back to movement. speed, balance.  Each athlete will have a personalized program to get their body movements reinforced to prepare them for the upcoming playing season.  Modifications are made for athletes that are playing high school golf during this season.

Post-Season is designed to correct movement patterns developed during the playing season.  each athlete will have a personalized program to go through movement correction to correct any poor patterns developed during the season and prepare the body for the rigors of off-season training.

  • Evaluation
  • Weekly 1 Hour Group Classes
  • Weekly 2 Hour Group Classes

$685 or $342.50  per month

Off-Season: (Nov-Feb) 84 total hours

Off-Season is designed to concentrate on speed, power, and strength in our athletes.  The athletes will have personalized programs to work on areas that may be lacking in strength, power, mobility, stability, and balance needed to produce a powerful golf swing.

  • Evaluation
  • Weekly 1 Hour Group Classes
  • 2– 2 Hour Group Classes per week

$1715 or $428.75 per month

In-Season: (May– Aug)  40 total hours

In-Season is designed to work on the athletes golf conditioning and movement patterns to help reinforce what the athlete is trying to accomplish on the course. This is a time of the year where it is more important to reinforce good movements, on course nutrition, and recovery techniques for the athletes.

  • Evaluation
  • Unlimited1 Hour Group Classes

$845 or $211.25 per month

*Discounts apply to  2 semester, 3 semester, and yearly commitments. 



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