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The COMPETE Program is specifically designed for junior golfers who have made the choice to play competitive golf.  The blueprint of COMPETE originates from the research done by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), their Touring Professionals, elite amateur, college players and coaches, junior golfers and their coaches. This program will prepare junior golfers for the physical rigors that are tournament golf, which is necessary in order to reach the optimum performance needed to play competitive golf.  Make no mistake about it, this program requires a great deal of dedication, effort, and hard work (junior golfers are expected to spend 20-40 hours per week working on their game and fitness outside of school). The EDP offers everything a junior golfer needs to be able to compete with the best players from around the world!
Eligibility Requirements – Students eligible to enroll in the EDP must be at least 11 years old for girls and 12 years old for boys, and MUST have a swing coach.

What does the COMPETE Program do for my athlete?

The athletes in the COMPETE Program go through seasonal movement and skills testing, weekly classes, and they all have a personalized custom workouts that they go through on a weekly basis. The athletes also receive instruction on nutrition (on course and off course), hydration, practice habits, and competitive practice games.  We also have a team of specialists that we can recommend for instruction, mental skills, nutrition, and club fitting.  One of the best parts of the program is our staff all have a background in playing competitive golf as well as other sports.  We have caddied for our current and past juniors as well as in professional events.  This give us a unique ability to help with all aspects of the athletes game including course management skills and tournament preparation.

Why we train the way we do!

Our programming and training schedule is based on the developmental curves of our young men and women.

Peak Growth Velocity for Boysboys growth

Peak Growth Velocity for Girlsgirls growth


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