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PEAK Golf Fitness was founded to provide golf exercise training and performance enhancement services to golfers wishing to improve their game. The company follows the TPI training model using physical assessment, 3-D swing analysis and golf instructor input to design personalized golf workout programs for its clients. Our services will provide you everything you need to obtain:

  • Added distance
  • Less aches & pains
  • More consistency
  • Increased strength and explosiveness
  • More flexibility
  • Improved cardio and stamina
  • Increased overall golf performance

PEAK uses the latest golf fitness technologies to optimize performance at our indoor golf facility including:

-3-Camera V1 Video Swing Analysis System
-8 Sensor AMM TPI 3-D System (used by TPI for its Touring Professionals),
-K-Vest 3D with K-Player Biofeedback
-TPI’s Web-Based Fitness Program
-2 Indoor Golf Foresight GC Hawk Simulators

All of our clients receive a physical screening, access to, and a personalized golf workout designed around their physical assessment and fitness goals. Access to the personalized workout via the My TPI website includes a complete list of exercises, screen shots and downloadable videos. Our programs are always designed specific to each individual based on our testing to ensure the best overall results


You can sign up and instantly gain access to workouts, training, and many other videos by downloading the Peak Golf Fitness App on your phone!

See How To Change Your Game From Your Own Home
The High Functioning Golf Body

4 Pillars Of Performance

Improving your body’s ability to generate power from the ground up will add distance and consistency while helping prevent injury.


Quality Movement

The ability to “move” properly not only can increase distance, but can decrease injury risk and maximize efficiency.



Generating force, especially from the ground will results in increased club speed.

4 Pillars Of Strength



Strength is the foundation to becoming faster and more powerful. Strength has been found to correlate with increased club head speed.



Moving faster means generating more club head speed. Speed has a direct correlation with increased distance.

Our Mission

To provide the best golf specific performance training in the Mid-Atlantic by utilizing the best technology, information, instructors, and education available to our staff and clients.

PEAK Golf Fitness Updated COVID-19 Facility Use Policy

We will continue to monitor health and safety recommendations and adjust our policy as needed and will update everyone as quickly as possible.

Thank you to all our members and clients for being so understanding during these trying times. We appreciate your support and are happy to serve you all!
PEAK Staff

-Facility will be cleaned daily, and after each client.

-Staff will be constantly monitored for any illness symptoms 

-You may reserve a training session online, via our app, or contact us at to reserve a training session or hitting bay

-If you have any symptoms or reason to believe you may be sick please stay home

-We advise anyone who feels any reservations about coming in for an appointment to please contact us so we can create a solution that works

-The safety and wellness of our clients and staff is our number one priority, and we will take every measure necessary to ensure this

If you are exhibiting any conditions associated with the COVID virus, cough, high temperature, loss of smell, shortness of breath please contact your Doctor immediately and please stay home.

-By entering the facility, you acknowledge the risks involved at this time and agree to adhere to the guidelines set by Peak and local/state governments 


What Our Clients Are Saying

5 stars

I have been working out at PEAK Golf Fitness for the past 3 years. In those 3 years it has been remarkable the difference I have seen as I transitioned out of my off-season training and to back on the course. It’s no accident that I have had my best 3 years of competitive playing since I started training at PEAK.
Scott Shapin. P.G.A.
Jason and the PEAK Golf Fitness team have dramatically changed the way I move in just a short period of time. My golf swing feels more athletic, consistent, and dependable. Plus, I finally understand what was preventing me from making the swing changes I have struggled with for the last few years. I always look forward to my PEAK workouts!
Adam Kmak. Mini Tour Player
Thanks to Jason and the staff at Peak, I have made significant progress in my golf fitness. I have never made so many changes to my swing in such a short time that has made such a significant improvement. The Winter Performance fitness classes and use of the K-Motion combined with their expert guidance in golf movements and patterns was the answer.
Gary R